Brantford, Ontario, Canada

I was born and have lived in Brantford, Ontario, Canada my entire life. With a population not quite hitting the 100,000 mark yet, the city is big enough to get lost in but not too big that you can't run into acquaintances at the grocery store.

My goal here is to not try and tell you all about Brantford but rather to capture a few historic pieces related to this city that if you are a long time resident will hopefully remember, and if you're new to the area might just be surprised at what has happened here over the years.

Brantford City

Brantford celebrated its Centennial in 1977 having been officially made a city in 1877. To celebrate this, local historian (who was in 1977 also crowned the city's official Centennial Historian) Gary Muir put together this record and sang it with his family. The record was published by Thunderbird Recordings in Burford, ON and the song itself was recorded in Toronto. The flip side contains "The Homecoming" which is song by Muir's wife, Everill Muir. Both tracks contain vocals of the entire Muir family - Gary, Everill, Kiri-Lyn and Kevin.

Sadly, Muir passed away in 2010. He has written several books on the history of Brantford.

Let's Speak Up

Brantford is known as the Telephone City since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone here and also made the first long distance call from Brantford to Paris (Ontario, approximately 10 KM away). To help celebrate this, Steve Beach and his band called Whiskey Hollow came up with a tune called "Brantford, Let's Speak Up". Both this record and the previous received generous airplay on the then local owned CKPC radio.

Let's Speak Up was sponsored by the Canadian Forresters Life Insurance Company and was produced in 1982. The flip side of the record contained several commercials intended to promote Brantford and the various benefits the city offered to both business and individuals.