Computers have had a huge impact on my life and are involved in almost all that I do. What started out as a hobby turned into a professional programming career (I have been paid for software development for almost 30 years). My love of computers lead to me creating the Personal Computer Museum.

I am now doing iPhone development and programming for companies worldwide but more specifically within Brantford and Brant County!

I've been writing software since I was 10. On this page you'll find out more about what kind of programming I do, and just some general interest information on programming. Some of the languages I've used:

  • BASIC - You know, good ole Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. I started out using this on the PET computer and later the Commodore 64 and Apple. I even used QuickBASIC on the Macintosh and PC in later years.

  • 6502 Assembler - the 64 used this processor and I wrote my first pure machine language program with an 'ML Monitor'. That was not fun! I had put my 'data' storage in a place of memory I thought was safe, until my program became too big and I overwrote the variables and then had to move them and all my references to them manually. Using an assembler (the PAL assembler as I recall) was a real saving grace!

  • ASP - I resisted ASP at first ... not sure why but in terms of putting together dynamic pages, I really enjoy its simplicity.

  • PHP - Although I use PHP as well, I actually find ASP more enjoyable to program dynamic web pages.

  • C - C is a language I started using in 1986 or 1987 and now, over twenty years later I'm still writing C code. It's the language that I feel most comfortable with these days, even though I still find it frustrating at times.


Fun stuff I've written: